I recently had a friend's school children approach me about supplying information to them for a school art project. Apparently they needed to interview a local, living artist about their art. This line of enquiry extended to such issues as the influences on the artist, history, style etc. I guess I was privileged to be classified as an artist as no one has ever used that label to describe me before. However, I do love and appreciate art and have more recently managed to produce some work. I hope this site provides some examples and gives you an insight into the artist and his art. In the "Reflections" directory I have attempted to provide an insight into my thoughts and creativity specific to each image. I have obviously borrowed from many inspiring writers such as Buechner and  Peterson. I have unfortunately blurred the boundary between their words and mine,  I apologise for the plagiarism and my adaptations. Please feel free to promote this site and share with anyone who may be interested in contemporary art. Also feel free to download the images and use them for non commercial use only. Originals can be  rented for periods of 12 months and the proceeds go to a charity of your choice.  Enjoy!


P.S I have recently published a book on these images and thoughts. If you are interested go to:-

"Images and Reflections - The Art of John Freeman"