Life is a Journey, and for me Art is one of those activities that has greatly enriched that journey. It has been a means of self expression and has facilitated self discovery. As a Christian each image is a visual cue that relates back to the Word of God, to the story and person of Jesus. It is also a means of inner reflection in a quest to make meaning of those events in one’s own life.  

Earlier in my Christian walk I came across a saying that had a profound effect on me and still does. “Christianity is not so much about me and what I do, but about who God is and what he has done.”

God is the God of History. It was his dealings in the everyday events of the Israelites that they came to understand and know God. They knew him as “Elohim – My deliverer” because he delivered them from Egypt. It was a real experience. When we first become Christians we read about this event and in faith we accept God as our deliverer. However, it is only as we journey through life and we are in similar situations that we really come to “know” God as our deliverer. Knowledge for us moves from a cognitive knowing that we get from a book to an experiential knowing that we get from “living”. We know God through his written word, through his creation, through the Logos (the life of Jesus) and through our own life experiences. However, in order to make sense of those experiences we must use the Written Word as the framework and means by which we do that. We must know the word enough to discern what is the truth and what is a lie. The word becomes a mirror. As we reflect on our experiences in the light of that Word and who we know God to be, we can make sense of our experiences. Not only that, we can draw closer to God, have a different perspective and “see” God for who he is. For example, I read in the scriptures about God being a Heavenly Father. However, the only knowledge I have is of my own Father, who is imperfect! Cognitively I know, by reading the word, that God is not like my Father for he can always be trusted. The depth of my knowing and the depth of my relationship is enhanced when I have my own children. When I become a father it is then that I gain an experiential knowledge of the depth of the Fatherly love!

    If God were trying to tell me something, would I know?

       If God were reassuring me or challenging me,  would I notice?

       I ask for the grace to be free of my own preoccupations and open to what God may be saying to  me.

If it is true that God is at work in every detail of our lives, how do we begin to recognise his action and our reaction?